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31. May 2019

International DynAMo workshop at AWI

For the technical evaluation of the first measurement phase (September 2018 to March 2019) of our measuring buoy […]
23. May 2019

Portrait about Doris Abele in Helmholtz journal “Perspektiven”

“We can see, hear and feel the climate change” We are very happy about Helmholtz’s interest in polar […]
30. November 2018

Argentinian Ambassador visits the AWI

On Friday the Argentinian Ambassador S.E. Edgardo Malaroda visited the Alfred Wegener Institute together with the Embassy Secretary […]
30. September 2018

BMBF “Chile Day” in Bonn

On the 20th and 21st of September 2018 the BMBF Chile Day took place in the University Club […]
30. September 2018

First DYNAMO buoy deployed in the Beagle Channel (2018)

A huge milestone has been reached: our first DYNAMO buoy has been deployed in the Beagle Channel in […]
30. July 2018

The first buoy for the Beagle Channel

It is done. A first buoy prototype for the Beagle Channel Observatory is ready and on its way […]