Andreana M. Cadaillon

PhD student

Centro Austral de Investigaciones Científicas (CADIC-CONICET), Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina)

My research interests

Phytoplankton key role in the ecology of marine ecosystems as well as a main contributor in the modulation of the fluxes between the atmosphere and the ocean. Biological pump activity. Primary production. Ecology of harmful algal blooms. Phycotoxins. Phytoplankton pigments. Ecotoxicology.

How is my work linked to the Beagle Channel area?

I am interested in addressing different aspects regarding the formation and the impacts of harmful algal blooms (HAB) and the presence of the toxins they produce on the ecosystem, contributing at understanding the ecological variables that trigger such toxic blooms, which are to date poorly understood in the Beagle Channel.