DYNAMO is very happy to announce that our application for the “FjordFlux” cruise has been successful. The cruise is a direct result of the efforts within the DYNAMO consortium. Under the official title “Dynamic Effects of glacial melting and human impact on fjordic ecosystems of the Beagle Channel and the Chilean fjord system of Southern Patagonia” the project will deal with the consequences of climate change in Southern Patagonia. Its goal is a survey of glacier melt and land to sea matter transport in coastal areas and to assess the effects on marine coastal community and functional biodiversity (incl. occurrence of HAB forming species).

Under the leadership of PD Dr. Doris Abele (AWI) and Prof. Dr. Oliver Zielinski (ICBM), the research vessel (RV) METEOR (picture on top) will depart for a 30 day cruise in November 2021. Scientists and engineers from Chile, Argentina and Germany will join this first ever trilateral cruise in Beagle Channel.